General: detexted

Many images we have on the site has written text or typed texts on them. Detexting is to remove the the text from either the entire image or a few specific locations on the image through either digital means such as graphic rasters/editors or new sources in which the illustration is the same. If you are unsure if the image is a detexted version of another, you can either comment on it and ask for an inquiry or do a manual search for it yourself.

Do not use the <b>"photoshop"</b> tag for detexted images, as they are a different meaning and we would like to keep them separated.

If you're confused on the meaning of photoshop, please check the wiki article on it.

Detexted images can include any or all of the followings:

• Title
• Any characters of any language (Written or Digital)
• Copyrights
Updated by yoru369 almost 15 years ago