chourantei dakimakura mata_ashita. nipples taihei_sunset thighhighs touhou yakumo_yukari

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The artist really exaggerated here.
BTW, the circle's name seem to be また明日。(Mata Ashita.).

What is chourantei?

If mods like, I will change all image tag to mata_ashita.
I see. chourantei is a dakimakura publisher (circle) that many artists commission to produce a dakimakura of their illustration.
In this case, should it have both tags of chourantei and mata_ashita?

Plus, また明日。 -> mata_ashita. But can it be used .(period) in the tag?

EDIT: Sorry. I missed. mata_ashita. tag had already existed and I applied all of them.
And Mods, please delete mata_ashita
Just because an author got it's own circle does not meen it always publish under it.