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You'll need this one too, kyoushiro :)
aoie_emesai said:
You'll need this one too, kyoushiro :)
I dun like Tomomi.

Maya iincho bully ;__;
Also why didn't you upload the other Tomomi pic, Maya iincho? >.<
I only saw one. Nvm, found it. I'll upload it later.
*gives Tomomi to Maya iincho*
My favorite person is Akemi - http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/29842/bag-bench-blush-book-cellphone-feet-hairband-handb

Sadly i've had problems getting Hasumi Elan illustrations. Been getting my hands on all of the copies I can find on mandarake.
Uh... that illustration is Hashimoto's IIRC. That illustration appeared in lotsa Pia 3 merchandise drawn by him. Also the art is his (or VERY similar) and I saw that illustration with other ones from Hashimoto, including the one with Sayaka in school uniform (which I also uploaded).

Akemi isn't a bully, Maya iincho ;__; Wanna make her a bully?

And why did you reject my gift? ;__;
kyoushiro said:
And why did you reject my gift? ;__;
Maybe aoie rejected Tomomi because she isn't like Maya?