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Wow, Remilia is some artist, eh?
Debbie said:
Wow, Remilia is some artist, eh?
way better then anything I could ever draw

both of them are soooo cute ^_^
Why'd it get deleted? Good thing I grabbed it while I could :)
Moorina rules.

EDIT: Is Moorina a moe-imouto user?
Debbie said:
Is Moorina a moe-imouto user?
No, it's because this is from deviantart. And, like someone said once: "What happens in deviantart stays in deviantart"
As far as I recall we don't have any strict rules on deviantart work other then to avoid it where possible. DA artwork is usually is poorly drawn, and watermarked.

I may make an exception for this artist and undelete...

Any mods want to comment?
I never use the word "user-created" and keep them untouched until it's defined reasonably ∀゚)
If the picture is found on deviantART or not, it's clearly not a criteria to choose whether the picture is staying or not. Refeia, for an example, has a deviantART. So does Lunatic Joker. And many others.
Now, while we allow this to stay post #130503 we delete this picture?

Just because it's from Pixiv it means that it's better?

The source of the picture tells very little about it. I guess what matters is the picture quality itself. After all, what are we all after here? To get nice pictures, right?

EDIT: Sorry, I've just noticed you've only called the mods to comment on this.
I've undeleted it so we can see what we are talking about.
If it's good enough to fool Radioactive then why not leave it.
SciFi said:
If it's good enough to fool Radioactive then why not leave it.
DA isn't the 'kitemark' of crappy images. There is plenty of rubbish on pixiv too.
Debbie told me about this and I came to see... If sourcing is a problem, I do have a pixiv:

Although I don't really have any big sizes cause I save them for printing... sorry! ><;

Oh, wow! Hi Moorina!
It's ok, I'll watch you on Pixiv too!
Thanks for stopping by!
I don't think images are deleted because they are on Deviant Art, per se. I think "Deviant Art" has just become synonymous with sub par images here. It just so happens that a lot of sub par images happen to have been found at Deviant Art. That doesn't mean we think everything there is bad. After all, even redjuice has an account there. ^^
Wow, this is the first time I've actually gotten to see a real live comment from the artist of a pic I chose for an avatar ;) Thanks for making this awesome image Moorina!
I absolutely love this picture, its so adorable, thanks as well ^_^