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arere headphones kasane_teto lolita_fashion thighhighs utau wings

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She's so pretty, I've noticed her recently, on the "Triple Baka video". spoiler
I liker her, her version of Po pi po is funny, and a bit scary. spoiler
umm..i've never seen her before
She's cute in the standard vocaloid outfit, but the goth loli suits her - they should dress her like that always.
She's a chimera. 8D

Nah, it's my favorite <3
And you SHOULD hear her in here. It's a great version.
Very nice - with the Latin vocal pack too ;)
I would like to use Teto, or maybe another UTAU, but it's too much complicated. =w=
I tried to use the program - I forget which one - once but I couldn't figure it out - the text was mostly Japanese with only a little in English.
Yeah. =_=
And you can imagine how hard it's to change from Spanish to Japanese in my computer.
UTAU program was like "SquareSquareSquareUTAU" xD
So Utau is like... Chimera Vocaloid?
OH, very great version of Lilium. Thanks for sharing.
Those japanese symbols can be really annoying, can't they.
Chimera... she say she is.
Yes, they can!! [/obama]
So Utau is like... Chimera Vocaloid?
Utau is a Vocaloid-clone software. But it is free.

*sees the Lilium video*
Ok, there are a few who can make miracles with Utau. A few.