kagurazaka naked tutorial

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One of the most useful drawing (゚∀゚)b 
Moe anatomy for faculty of medicine, isn't it? *3*
I measured skeltons of this image, remember proportions and sketched severel times ヽ(`・ω・´)ノ
always liked model sheets :) nice to use for my 3D works :) sadly there is waaaaaaaay to few art like this specially with the important front/side view Gladly take tips if some have any good ones :)
not bad not bad :O when i get table >...< (it will be soon) i will draw sketches with human anatomy + what ever u will ask for xD yay ! :O
It's all pretty much perfect except the head is big - though I suppose in moe art it always is :) I'd imagine you'd get sore back and shoulders with a head that big
Moe medicine. Omfg. Cures every disease.
Do you have to follow this rule exactly 100%?

I think some artists don't but still their art is good.
Not sure why everyone is so determined about proportion.
aoie_emesai said:
Not sure why everyone is so determined about proportion.
Coz using math and logic is the fastest way to learn arts. it's the way how I learn arts (゚∀゚)
So why anime eyes never followed correct proportion :o
midzki said:
real ≠ ideal