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card_captor_sakura daidouji_tomoyo kerberos kinomoto_sakura li_syaoran screening seifuku thighhighs wings

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LOL .. you take the one from my comment and upped it here?


Well at least i wont have in my upload record that I upped a .. *glup* .. cardcaptor sakura picture :D
Classic stuff but still good :) I've been trying to find the official art books, but so far I've only got #3
i think sakura unlike nanoha wasn't afraid to ask for help when she needed it and had a vicious temper if pushed far enough which made her a much more well rounded character than nanoha who never when through anything emotionally.
tamatha said:
nanoha who never when through anything emotionally.
Yeah Nanoha had a decent upbringing. Fate had issues though, and Madoka spoiler, talk about trauma :P
don't get me wrong I enjoyed both Nanoha and Nanoha A'sI just felt that if she acted more like a regular kid or if the series focused on her life outside of magic like developing her family and friends or showed her getting annoyed or irritated at something, then i could take her seriously as a main character.