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bottomless bra dakimakura ef_~a_fairytale_of_the_two~ hayama_mizuki nanao_naru pantsu screening shindou_kei string_panties

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Please tell me, where you got this?
Site adress, share, PD, or maybe inside of packs from noteblue?
Whant try, before buy
whom is the extra leg belonging to? i've got only one set of school uniform in the pic.
What extra leg? Hayama has one leg over and one leg under the Shindou dakimakura/pillow.
so she has one shank long than the other.
Actually, that is mostly illusion. I checked and they are at least roughly the same.
see post #141973.
i've made an rough measurement on the sample pic. of #141590. truely the right side is longer.