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I assume there's some kind of filter that people use to make the images look like this?
kyoushiro said:
u_u I still miss Feito.
even she is the one who teased you the most? (other than mods :p)
you masochist (゚∀゚)

It's the opposite <.<

I still miss Feito u_u
kyoushiro said:
It's the opposite <.<
you sadist Σ(゚Д゚ )
But I didn't make her raegquit moe u_u

... In fact, I never understood why she RAEG quit.
kyoushiro said:
... In fact, I never understood why she RAEG quit.
that how girls think and boys never understand. (even I had the same feeing she got in that case..)
Silly, Kyoushiro. If you're sad you can listen to this music then :)

u_u So, why did Feito go?

I only ready something from Aurelia, saying that she just left Moe coz of ragequitting.
There's many reasons:

  • Life
  • Annoying / Obnoxious Users
  • Lack of similar interest
  • Very long break.
Probably combination of 2 & 3
None of them fit the description of ragequit :o
She left? Ah... That's sad... Hopefully she will come back soon.
Or, at least solve her problems. Or other's problems. Dunno.
the reson she don't come back maybe just she has something more interesting, but the reson she raged is explained on forum #3955
Relax, Feito, buddy. This is not danbooru, it will never be.

If general tagging is alive here, it's because it's of good use to the site. And I think so.
Can't you see any use to them, at all? I find them so useful.
Dunno about you, guys, but tagging has become very useful to me.

*points at his blacklist*

And I still miss Feito u_u
Yeah, I think so as well.
Do you have her email or something? Try keeping contact with her. Maybe she comes back!
Feito's gone.
Move along now.
she once came back on IRC, therefore it's not the reason she don't come back is the past she raged.