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anthropomorphization gia gun mecha_musume sword

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I'm still trying to figure this one out...
I get the poison part, but I don't understand the radioactivity, unless it's more about the notion of not touching the substance or the frogs and other animals that possess it. In any case, I think this color pairing simply looks good.
All of gia's work is absolutely unscientific. Awesome, anyways. Amazing.
Fabulous work. Mixing Chemistry with manga, plus some radioactivity and creative, original design and layout... Wonderful idea. The artist must have been really inspired when made this.
I have both of these seperate if anyone is intrested.
I'd like the purple one please~~~
one is poision and the other is liquid radiation
you can't touch this lalala... XD
the green girl is Uranium,right?Because Toxic green is Uranium color and with "NUKE" mark
I hope he/she will draw TNT or Cl2 as well