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デカけりゃイイってもんじゃねーぞ (#゚Д゚)ノ
size is not my fault I saved as you see it.
Sorry about that.
ボクくらいのサイズが (゚∀゚)ラヴィ!!
I can not read Japanese.
can you translate please?
ボクくらいのサイズが (゚∀゚)ラヴィ!!=Big Bust Love

bigger isn't better. look my size (^ω^)
Resolution is big enough. Boobs are like... WTF.

Edit: Yeah, exactly that kurokami.
The boobs are waaaay too big.
爆乳 (。A。)⌒Y⌒ ヾ( ´_ゝ`) イラネ