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This, post #148588, and post #148589 look like they could be from Dengeki Hime 2010-08 (pool #1723), judging from the top and bottom patterns as well as the page-number styles.
More likely from 2010-09
Huh, sounds like I missed something then. I'll defer to anyone else who is more sure about the source.
Not sure what you mean. They have same design because it's about the same game.

And since they are about the same game, they're not going to be on the same issue. The most telling evidence is on post #144107 and post #148587: they both have an info box, which will only appear once per game, per issue (on first page about that game). Also you can see the release date changed: one said summer, one said autumn. Again the same issue will not have conflicting information.

It's also common for these magazines to have information about "big-hit" games in multiple issues.

This, combined with their uploading dates (one month apart), my conclusion is id:148587..148589 is from 2010-09 issue or later (if you can read Japanese, the text implies so too).
Ah, that does make a lot of sense. I'm not familiar with the format of this kind of magazine, and I'm not good enough at Japanese to process details well, so I figured I was missing some logic like that. Though I'm now seeing the 今月も wording ("this month, too") on post #148587 which supports what you're saying. All this with the upload date makes 2010-09 look like the most likely answer, though maybe 2010-10 is not out of the question still.

(By the way: rereading my last comment, it might've sounded like "anyone else" was meant to exclude you, but I didn't mean that. Just meant someone who's more sure than me can do the pool edits. Apologies if that was unclear.)