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amagami bandaid bikini breast_hold busujima_saeko cleavage crossover erect_nipples female_protagonist_(p3) highschool_of_the_dead katanagatari maebari megaten miyamoto_issa naked pasties persona persona_3 swimsuits tanamachi_kaoru togame underboob

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From left to right:
Tanamchi Kaoru - Amagami
Busujima Saeko - Highschool of the Dead
Female Protagonist (P3) - Persona 3

But I can't recognize the fourth girl
I think it might be Togame from Katanagatari
yuri69 said:
I think it might be Togame from Katanagatari
Eye colour is different and her hair is too short to be Togame.
KiNAlosthispassword said:
Yeah. I've only just watched that episode now.
Me gusta pero le falta mucha calidad hala imagen