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animal_ears baka_to_test_to_shoukanjuu blood gun kanna_asuke kinoshita_hideyoshi tail trap

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why does hideyoshi have grenades?
0 0经典-------完全的看不懂--看来要去学点英语了----
0 0 Classic-------completely understand--seems to be going to learn some English---

Using the bing translator, this is what the above comment is translated to...
I don't understand the comment lol <_>'.
完全的看不懂 = I don't get it at all.
看来要去学点英语了 = Looks like I really need to learn some English
weerd2normal said:
this is a trap?
wait... she's a trap? or just here?
just hideyoshi is a gender.
The knife is kind of... explicit #'_'#