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have to point out, cat eyes on a goat constellation.
Gretchen said:
have to point out, cat eyes on a goat constellation.
Try imagining her with goats eyes. It'll haunt your dreams tonight...
At least you can see her eyes. Libra wears a blindfold!
Oh, BTW Noizi Ito made a lovely work on this pool. It's kind of a serious artwork, not what we are used to see. I like it! Thanks for uploading.
What do you mean by 'serious artwork' ?
I think he means the precision and level of detail of this art in comparison to, for instance, haruhi or the wonderland game noizi did the art for.
Noizi Ito normally makes the cute/moe/kawaii style. At least most of her pictures I have on my PC are soft, something kind of cheerful.
This book has something different from usual.
Not that her artwork isn't seriously on a super professional level - with serious, I meant it changed a bit of the matter depicted... Uh, does that make any sense?
Yeah Capp is kind of right, the level of details is different from usual. Thanks for the help!