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Why is this rated "questionable"?
its questionable by default if not changed during upload
which I wish more posters would do - at least most change the explicit correctly. Searching for rating:s often misses good stuff that's really safe but just never fixed. I actually have a favorite saved to try to ID some of those commonly "mis-rated" posts: rating:q -pantsu -breasts -bikini -nopan -cleavage I've found those tags tend to skirt the border (well nopan and breasts are over it)
The worst is when explicit posts are rated q by accident. If rating:s was default, then even users who blacklist rating:q would see those mistakes. What you said makes sense, there aren't few rating errors. So this is why perhaps there shouldn't exist a default rating, the user would have to pick one manually. Is there a way to do that?