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Why would a shotgun need a scope? :roll:
Maybe they're playing Borderlands?
WtfCakes said:
Why would a shotgun need a scope? :roll:
Sniping scattershot?

WtfCakes said:
Why would a shotgun need a scope? :roll:
WtfCakes said:
Why would a shotgun need a scope? :roll:
[] is one of the shotgun which can be attached scope on it.

it wasn't that effective in war thou for it's main purpose is for close range combat, but it does effective when you're hunting using shotguns~
Fine lemme rephrase it: why would THEIR shotgun need a scope? :p

I do know people hunt with em, just didn't cross my mind at the time.
Well then.... maybe because the artist wanted a shotgun with a scope ^^;;;

to make it cool perhaps?
Srsly? Shotgun with a scope? Only if you're shooting slugs.
1) thats a relex sight [also known as red dot sight] battery operated.
2) they are firing buckshots
3) at close range, the spread is very tight, no more then a few cms, with such a tight spread, you need something to precisely pinpoint what your aiming at. shotguns w/scopes do not work the same way as a rifle w/scope, infact its the opposite.

A scope (in this case : reflex sight) just simply assists in pin-point aiming. Nothing more, nothing less.
Are you sure its a CCO? looks kinda like an ACOG to me. And are you sure its buckshot? Cause if they use slugs then shotguns can be just as accurate or better than an .223. Hmmm... can buckshot even kill a zombie?
You sure it's a reflex sight? The highlight reflected off the sight is curved, which means that this scope should be a telescopic sight.