binidog dress pussy see_through thighhighs torn_clothes way

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Its one of the best card game .. Still have it installed, and played time after time.

H game, of course.. :D

More would be very nice ^^
The tag "way", what script should it be applied? Artist, Character, Copyright, Circle, or what?

Kina said H-Game (Which would be "Copyright"), but I'm not sure if it was directed to "way".

Oh yeah, I forgot "binidog". Which one for that?
way is the name of the game.. binidog was the artist.

The game is based on hanafuda card game ..
Complete. Script applied.
Thanks Kina.
I'm just posting to say I totally agree with Kina.
Way is a real "lovely" (understand what you want =D) game based on hanafuda with a lot of interesting style / great artwork (depending of the spectator's pov). And I advise everyone who like H-game and that stuff to check it out.
It really deserve a look =)

ps : but the artist name isn't ponidog ? if I remember correctly...
opps.. you are right .. is ponidog .. hazy mind, I kep remembering dog due to that teddy bear.. that perverted teddy bear. <- artist's site btw