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pantsu run_elsie_jewelria to_love_ru transparent_png vector_trace

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Anyone know if these images by this artist are from a doujinshi? I've never seen them before but he does great stuff.
which artist? or do you mean the anonymous vectorers on moeren?
I mean the original artist, which for all I know could be the vector artist too, since I've never seen the artwork outside the vectors. It's good stuff.

Edit: What is this moeren you speak of?
Ah, then you mean the original artist: yabuki_kentarou.
Moeren? some japanese site.
Are you sure this is art from kentarou? This looks kinda different from his stuff, even though they are his characters.
I am not sure but afaik those vectors are from manga pages.
yeah, but we've never seen Run in the manga in that pose, i don't know who was the artist but he or she did it very good.
If they are from the manga, they've gotta be from some kind of omake pages or something thats not included in the scanlations you see floating about. They usually have lots of penciled text around them. I still think they are from some doujinshi I've ever yet to see.