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Does this not count as yuri?
I tag yuri frequently when I see it since it seems not to be maintained well.
I ought to tag yuri, but always forget to...
Someone untagged it though
I don't think 2 girls looking into each others eye is considered "yuri" in my eyes.
I suppose we don't have a good definition of when to use the tag in the wiki. post #57866 is yuri, post #131100 is not (though someone tagged it as such).
Is two guys looking into each other's eyes like that considered yaoi? ;)
Anyway, the definition I use (copied from wiki) is: a genre involving love between women - so if there's love, there's yuri in my eyes. I'd use the same definition for yaoi except I'd never bother to tag a yaoi pic :)
It's locked, but we did have some 'discussion' on forum #3208
I completely agree with the discussion in forum #3208 - the only problem is that the shoujo-ai tag is no longer with us