aikei_ake animal_ears neko nekomimi seifuku

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cats love to get in the washing machine, though this actually looks more like a rice cooker
yes, she looks lika a rice cookie... XD
its soo~~~~ Cute i love it
people421 said:
its soo~~~~ Cute i love it
omochikaeri~~~ :-)
All I can think about is how the girl and those cats would be getting washed to death... ;w;
nice pic but had it happen to one of my cats :(
i've come back to look at this image repeatedly over the last few years and just love to imagine the process of her falling in there, then popping her head out wondering what just happened. I also like the artists subtle touches that really make this image, such as the red stains around the rim of the washer suggesting spilled or overflowed detergent.
This is a dangerous behavior, because little kids might think it's viable when no adults accompany. Especially when she's playing hide-and-seek, she'll think it's a good place to hide herself, but it's not easy to get out. If the power supply is not down, the machine has error, someone started the machine who don't know she's inside, or she plays with those colorful buttons for her curiosity, it can cause some seriouly damage. So don't do it in the real world!