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Okay, before anyone tries flagging this for deletion (much like the Tanaka Rie bikini scan from a little while back); this is from Megami Magazine vol. 125 and has been uploaded for completion sake. (Again, like the Tanaka Rie scan...)

(Though I get the feeling people won't bother to read this and flag it anyway...)
the correct tag is photo, not scan. What do you mean by truncated?
The text at the bottom is kinda cut-off; that's about it.

Same with the Mitsudomoe one I just uploaded.
That would be cropped, I'd be more concerned about the quality of the scans...
I see.

I actually got someone I knew on IRC to scan them, so this was kinda out of my range. To be honest, I doubt you'll get a better scan.

Well, you might with the Mitsudomoe one, but it's pretty doubtful with this one. Seeing as Megami 125 was nine months ago.

You can remove it if you want...