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chibi mascot-chan megane mirai

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over 10 years ago
Super cute ^_^. You gotta love moeimouto's mascot :p
Random question. As you all know this is Moe's mascot.

Dovac? Did you just find this image cute have have used for the last 2.4 years??

Who even vectored/drew this?

Who wanna name her?? ^^
Unfortunately I don't know where it came from...
Das Bild hat aber 'ne kleine Auflösung...
sruha said:
Das Bild hat aber 'ne kleine Auflösung...
Na und, das ist unser Maskotchen von moe.imouto...
aoie_emesai said:
Who wanna name her?? ^^
Ooooh, she doesn't have a name yet?
YESS, a full-body drawing of her! I'd never dream this existed, lol...
She's so cute!!! I'm trying to figure something out... Anyone has any ideas?
And the artist who made this has many reasons to be very proud of its work. Creating Moe Imouto's mascot is something really impressive...

Also we should name her Shizune.

shameless self-insertion? watchootalkinbout
Shizune sounds good to me. But does it have any special meaning?
I think we should choose a name with some sort of meaning.
Buh, I always tought her name was Moe. *hides*
Moe is a good name too. Or something like Imouto-chan, Imouto-tan, Nee-chan, whatever.
I am not very good with names...
Someone who knows Japanese well please appear! Aha~
Moe_Imouto, Imouto_Moe

Imouto means little sister. Hence why the Misaka Sisters are misaka_imouto.
pool #1701 is nothing but little sisters XD

Rosa is pink.
Well, she's pink.


It makes some sense.
kyoushiro said:
Her name's Rosa.

There, decided. Shut up :3
Lmao moment. X D
i vote for what debbie said imouto-tan sound very good ^^
Moe_Imouto would be a nice name for her.
It seems like van named her Mascot-chan.
But Kyoushiro called her Rosa before, didn't he?
Have we settled on something?
Eh, can't really go around fan-naming every original character.

On a related note though:
[17:08:50] <vita-> http://sugar.s27.xrea.com/ http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=16045
[17:09:06] <vita-> mascot-chan artist it looks like
[17:09:20] <WtFrostyCakes> :o
[17:09:37] <WtFrostyCakes> how u do dat
[17:09:51] <vita-> was browsing boon's folders
[17:09:58] <vita-> and reverse image searching them
[17:10:03] <WtFrostyCakes> roflmao
[17:13:04] <~dovac> orz
[17:13:19] <~dovac> http://sugar.s27.xrea.com/rs/pict/0805/18yaya_rima.jpg
[17:14:44] <WtFrostyCakes> F-U-S-I-O-N!!!
[17:17:06] <~dovac> loli fusion, best tyope
I'm 99% certain that's the real artist, I've been a fan of their work longer than they've had a Pixiv account. But I'm also 99% certain this artist tag's screwed up, post #155578 is a totally different style. Not sure what to do about that, since I'm not completely certain how to handle name collisions. (?´・ω・`)
Manabi said:
Not sure what to do about that, since I'm not completely certain how to handle name collisions. (?´・ω・`)
artist_(circle name) is primary usage.
If they haven't circles, then artist_(pixiv account name) instead? (not sure about pixiv only artists because I don't upload them. I just remember danbooru uses crim_(kazhm))
danbooru doesn't discriminate between circles and artists sometimes .. :/
crim said:
fixed (・ω・)ノ
☆⌒(*^-゚)v Thanks!! I'll probably look through my downloaded art from Mirai and see if anything's big enough. Probably won't be much though, they tend to be less than 1000px in both dimensions. ε=(‐ω‐;;)
Got an reply from mirai herself through my pixiv account;
It's her original drawing. a nameless character.
*huh!* ( O_O ) ~> *ohh...* ( T_T ) ~> *my goddess of old mascot, have a rest in peace in your world* ( Y - Y )

The new era has come.. into the world of oreno.imouto... *the end* ???
*questioning myself* .....maybe .....maybe ( ´・ω・`)