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Awesome work on the stitching with this one! There's practically no line, not even a *hint* of a part, a seam, anything.

...Hmm, well OK, there's a *tiny* misalignment in the wood flooring, but we aren't here to look at floors now, are we? ^_~
What? I thought the floor was the whole point of the picture......
I'd have used the floor to align the rest of the picture--straight lines make it easy to get it right.
Do it yourself, if it's not good enough for you :-P

btw. It was the first time I tried something like this. Did this for myself in the first way, but as no one else posted a merged version, I upped it.
I used the body and the window to align it and later i saw, that the floor was not fitting properly, but i didn't wanted to redo everything, so I tried to merge it as good as possible .., ^^