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11eyes animal_ears ass bandaid hagiwara_onsen lass loli maebari momono_shiori naked nekomimi nipples pasties thighhighs

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snuggls said:
yah hehehe ^////^
Jesus. Snuggls i read your other comments plus the one about the IE and the library.. Ya we're totally fine with the whole sexuality and being open in all.(Maybe?) But just leaving random, random, is aggravating..Especially when they're a bit odd.
snuggls said:
i love yaoi its sooooo sexy hehehe im bisexull^////^
I'm done with my saying.
snuggls is the kind of internet user that you can't change - aggravating and attention seeking. You just ignore them and clean up once they get bored and leave.
Sigh so true. But regardless on knowing that, I do try my best to change something, wishing on evergreen tommorow.
Or ban them, because we really don't need people that act 12 here anyway.
Yes, well I don't have mod powers anywhere but my blog.
I'm not sure it was 12, seemed more like 8. Certainly not mature enough.
a minor browsing an adult site is just illegal.