chibi seifuku sky-freedom thighhighs

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kantoku's mascots?.... hmmmm
タグ 野生のカントク

I really don't unterstand, isn't kanban musume's design supposed to be kinda "original"?
Another one done by him, just reminds me of Korie Riko..
= =第一眼的感觉很像kantoku
Seems to be a fan of Kantoku's.
But to take Kantoku's kanbanmusume, change eye colour and flip the hair around (and changing the way the hair is tied sort of) and claim as own is kind of... OTL

This artist has done quite a few very nice artworks but I can't help but find most of it to be too similar to other artists' (i.e. looks like copies or spinoffs). Somehow I can't find myself respecting this artist as much as I'd like to :S

Still, to be able to replicate a similar art style to this extent is pretty impressive.