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dakimakura dress jpeg_fix kaname_madoka kyubey puella_magi_madoka_magica santa_festa santa_matsuri

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I wondered why QB was so fat, then I saw the candy on the bed.
naaka~ said:
I wondered why QB was so fat, then I saw the candy on the bed.
QB: "....Just as planned! /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\"
CWC said:
fireattack said:

this is so cute, but is there a full resolution image? I only see 238 Kb image
i did upload the full image so why is there only 238 Kb resolution?
i'm gona try upload it againe

edit: doesn't matte how many times i upload the full size whats is 8, 62 MB i got "This post already exists: post #203181"..whats going on?
bakaneko, charunetra, please read the comments on post #201229.
i see..so it means that bigger version will only come in PNG version..i keep that in mind..stop uploaidng dakimakura images without the PNg version
Umm...It may be better if a source image of dakimakura is JPEG, then download link is changed to full-sized JPEG.
There is no way to hide the bigger version if it is still on the server within the other pictures.

Test: Link for this dakimakura in big: http://kurisu.imouto.org/image/616b40bbbb59eb4f11fdc6d90edaa377/moe%20203181%20dakimakura%20dress%20jpeg%20fix%20kaname%20madoka%20kyuubee%20puella%20magi%20madoka%20magica%20santa%20matsuri.jpg

Try tu put them in another folder an .htaccess it.
Just a try to increase the difficulty to access them