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Yuki Hiiro

Mebuki no kairo (Budding Corridor)


As this exhibition is to be held around spring, I decided from the outset that I would create a design on the theme of ‘cherry blossom’. Later I added a ‘maid uniform’ to express the otaku culture that has come to represent cool Japan.
Just as I started to work seriously on the picture, the Great Eastern Earthquake occurred. As a result, it contains the question of what I can do to help through my art apart from donating money and economizing on electricity.
Bright, lively and flamboyant Japan... I felt that this ‘vitality’ is what I most wanted to express and I tried to imbue it into each individual brushstroke.
‘Let's all do our best’, or ‘Let's all move forward together’, if this picture encourages you to share this emotion, even a little, I will be extremely happy.
dress hiiro_yuki

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