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Kamisama wa iruvo (The Gods do Exist)


In Japan people often refer to the 'eight million gods', and it is a fact that we are surrounded by numerous gods. There are shrines built everywhere and during the Festival of the Dead, weddings or Christmas, we are indebted to Buddha and various gods. We seldom offer them gratitude, but soon ask their help when we are in trouble.
It is said that to worship all the gods together is like combining the flames of two candles, but if this were true, it would mean that Amaterasu Omikami, Dainichi Nyorai, Christ, Kompira, Oinari and all the tutelary gods had been stuffed into this country on the edge of the continent and become a single fire. At the New Year, the Festival of the Dead or Christmas it is as if we borrow a little piece of the 'flame of the giant candle nobody understands’, giving it our own name to express our awe and worship.
That is why we are able to possess our own personal gods and why that particular god will not deny the other gods. It may sound a bit self-serving, but I think that Japan is truly the land of the gods.
seifuku takano_otohiko

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