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Kamitsurugi Ouka
Wa Nihon nadeshiko - Nihon wa ichinichi ni shite narazu (A Japanese Beauty - Japan Was Not Built in a Day)

Using a uniquely Japanese image for my main theme, I wanted to show the gap that exists between it and that of technological Japan, fusing the two in an interesting way to create an comprehensive image of Japan. When I think of a bishojo (young girl) it conjures an image of a traditional black haired woman and so I decided to draw a picture of a bishojo with long, black hair, wearing a kimono. This picture contains numerous uniquely Japanese symbols and I will be delighted if it creates an image of Japan for you.
headphones kamitsurugi_ouka kimono

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I was archiving this gallery including ALL the author's notes in each image, and this is the ONLY of the 80 images in this pool that has no author's note whatsoever, didn't it had any notes ?
yeap not only this one, i undone the changes
Did I miss some other notes? o.o
I wrote my comment wrong sorry, I meant that someone deleted notes of some images of this pool but I already reversed it, I don't know if you read them before that
I don't know about that I found notes on every other image except this one so maybe they were altered? o.o