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Tometa Ohara

Sakura-boshi (Cherry Blossom Stars)


When I think of ‘Japan’, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘school uniforms'; I am probably influenced by my work in this, but I think they make an ideal symbol of contemporary Japan. Outer space and students are quite unconnected but the sense of unbalance the combination creates appealed to me so I came up with this composition. I remember looking up at a carp streamer on a clear night and it appeared to be swimming in space; several childhood memories like this are included in my work.
Looked at from abroad, the Japanese are thought to be ‘serious’ or ‘polite’ but at the same time, we are laughed at for being ‘perverted’. I will be happy if people can understand a little more about the ‘Japan’ I love from my work.
ohara_tometa pantyhose seifuku

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