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Hiroki Haritama

Haru,sora o kake noboru (Spring, Climbing up Into the Sky)


I was invited to take part in this project and accepted gratefully, but I have had a lot of difficulty with this motif. The theme was ‘Japan’ and I was surprised to discover how weak my general awareness of this is. In the end I settled for the things that bring me ‘peace’ for a day or a year: ‘the sky’, ‘cherry blossom' and ‘girls’ (LOL). To be honest, after the earthquake I thought I would make some major changes to the work, but in the end I decided to avoid putting strong messages in the picture or making it too heavy. If it brings you ‘peace’ for a day or a year, if it provides the key to momentary comfort, then I will be very happy.
haritama_hiroki seifuku

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This is one of those images that just screams, "MOE!" to me. Love the shoes too...