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how can I play it on my computer?
get a decent browser and adobes flashplayer
Whoa.... This really suprised me. It said download and i clicked on pic and it changed lol. Awesome ; )
LMAO. ♥♥♥
I don't know Touhou but this made me laugh. :3~

(of course re-mix ver.)
who first danced like this? wasn't it popotan?
[In English]
We wonder are you ready to [do this/join]
Arms up now you'll see
Come an
Anyone can [do this/join]

So move your feet
and wiggle your hips
Do as we do
To this melody

Dance with us
Clap your hands
Do like we do
Take some steps to the left
Listen and learn
Don't miss the chance
We're here now with
The Caramelldance

It becomes a sensation allover of course
On the party's everyone will let loose.
Come an
Now we'll take the steps again

Translation Copy / Paste,

Been following this site a good while, but could not resist to join any longer^^

Anyway, Hi to from me and se you laters.
I don't get the last one, why did she suddenly start groping herself?
asterixvader said:
who first danced like this? wasn't it popotan?
Yeah it was part of the opening for the game.
so funny!!very funny!!~……
i find that somewhat disturbing, but still funny!!