arisue_tsukasa bra cameltoe cleavage garter_belt lingerie pantsu stockings thighhighs underboob

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(Original rofl, think I spent an hour on it.)
Nice work. The original made me want to vomit.
The original was pulled from an image board, no idea what it's originally from.
stanley82521 said:
Is it really from scanning?
Not sure what you're asking exactly. But all the previous dust and shit definitely wouldn't be from a digital source.
It's as if whoever scanned it rubbed the thing on a carpet that wasn't vacuumed in forever and then scanned it right afterwards.
Excellent work, my friend! Much appreciated.
stanley82521 said:
Where does it come from by the way?
Original pix aka remod98048 with all text
I never understood the point of ero novels lol.