anthropomorphization aruya

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I'm missing the iPod touch. I'd like the ... touch. mmmmh
Green is my favorite. And it is also the color of my ipod. :D
It took me long to find snow white, lol... But she's so cute.
Mine is violet, and the artist made an injustice with the violet girl - she's the far simplest of all.
Debbie, she's cute, the violet one. And it kinda remembers me you, lol.
I have the black one (♥) and the phone (♥). geez, the phone is so uber cute <333333333
Snow white winz~
Haaa, I'll take that as a compliment, Maa-chan lol.
Yes, this is a compliment c:
Yellow (GOLD, DAMMIT~!) seems a bit left out, heh?
"which do you like color ?"

Great English skills.
ThisIsDK said:
"which do you like color ?"

Great English skills.
Don't blame the artist; blame google translate