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For whoever decides to fix the issues on the top and bottom right side, the colors should also be fixed to match post #144335 & post #153705
Actually, the colors are very close to those on the card that came from Funimation. The colors on the two posts you referred to are washed out looking, compared to the artwork on the anime box and on this post card from series creators.
i'd say a digital image originally can't has the color curve like this (a bit too dark, in meaning of both gamma and white level). How a printed materal looks like depends on many factors like print quality and even light. on the other hand we have sufficient official digital images (not directly this one, too lazy to search) to determine what its "intended" color should be.
interesting, amazon even sells Chinese bootleg anime dvds?
oldwrench said:
Actually, the colors are very close to those on the card that came from Funimation.
No their not. I received the same postcard myself, and the colors are very close to those other two posts, but not quite as orange. This one is basically just oversaturated and the gamma is too dark.

The following quick and dirty edit gets remarkably close to how the postcard looks under the 32 lux D50 ambient lighting which I have in this room, when compared against my standard gamut 100cd/m2, D65, 2.2 Gamma calibrated IPS monitor as well as my GDM-F520 CRT:

Levels = 1.30
Hue/Saturation Master Saturation = -9
Hue/Saturation Red Lightness = -25
I think we have different cards, or our monitors are different. If I hold my card up and compare it to the image on screen, mine looks right and yours faded. It's the same on my laptop too. It's probably a different batch of cards by a different printer. Mine was sent through Rightstuf advertising the anime. I guess I just like bright colors, but the image I sent is closer to the card I have.

Oh, I noticed that bootleg is not in stock and they don't know when it will be, that's a good thing.

It's likely a combination of your monitor not being calibrated, your scanner being sensitive to reds, and you just liking bright/saturated colors.

My card was also from RightStuf as well, and I received it only a couple days before you posted this scan, as I suspect you did as well. I highly doubt they made more than one batch with different print shops, as the colors on my card are rich without being faded at all. In hindsight, my example fix would likely need the contrast increased very slightly, since I increased the gamma without compensating for the loss of contrast.
You forgot to add that my eyes are getting a bit old.
since your eyes process both card and monitor, it wouldn't be the problem.

just saying lol.