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Nyalicious! Summer Smartphone wallpaper decided!
too neon...colors are off..
Too cell-shaded for Sayori. The colors are strong neon-like too, but I think the greatest problem is the cell-shade. Look at Vanilla's legs.
She's been doing that style about half the time actually.
Like in post #192325.
This isn't half cell-shaded like this one. It looks pretty much like the old coloring to me, just a bit more simple, not exactly rough. I think this is even more recent. post #213701 and post #210947 are from 1 and 3 months ago and have her usual shade, at least generally. However we can see a similar shading to this post on this new piece post #217003 (look at the shades on the blonde's neck and skin under bangs to see it more clearly)

Tch... I wasn't exactly a fan of her shading, but the old one looked much better with her style, honestly.. (at least in my opinion) Well artists are curious creatures, they want to try out many things I guess. At least most of them. I hope she gets to a good conclusion. Better than this.
Hm... I looked more closely to the post from 1 month ago and yes, it is cell shaded too. But it's harder to notice because the colors are more opaque and the overall picture doesn't make the shades too evident (because of the shades' position I guess). This change probably happened at max 3 months ago (Idk for sure because I don't follow her pixiv)

Uh... Idk what to say about this.
Debbie: Don't rely on upload dates, the one I linked is from 2010 yet was only uploaded late 2011. The style isn't a recent change, it's simply a style she switches from time to time.