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gekidoku_shoujo ke-ta loli naked nipples scanning_artifacts thighhighs touhou yakumo_yukari

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This style resembles Oyari Ashito's, but it doesn't look like a plain copy. One can spot peculiar characteristics of this art. Even though this artist is clearly influenced, he didn't copy the style. I appreciate this very much. Hopefully he/she will keep doing wonderful drawings.
BTW, she looks a bit like Yukari because of the hairstyle and ribbons, the hat model, and the dark blue dress (on the left). But Yukari isn't usually depicted as a loli, so probably it's just my imagination...
Looks a lot like Yukari to me too.
Plus I don't see wings.
Also thirding the whole looking like Yukari.

Besides, Flandre's hair is short.
Only thing similar is the head shape.
A flat chested Yukari is fine too
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