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It's an upscaled image, so can't go higher than 5MP as the jaggy lines will look very obvious.
Why are you uploading an upscaled image?
Radioactive said:
Why are you uploading an upscaled image?
Upscaled when printing I believe. Ah we have a tag for it: inadequate_print_resolution
when is the appropriate use of that tag - there are hundreds (thousands probably) of pictures on here which are inadequate for printing, but they don't have it.
I believe you misreaded this tag. inadequate_print_resolution It needs to be a printing/scan to get this tag in the first place.
ah, makes more sense - so essentially if someone scanned something at a low resolution?
No. It doesn't matter what resolution you scanned it as, just the printing resolution (or DPI). For example, you just have a 800px*1000px image, and print it on a letter size paper. It would be very blurry or jagged, and your scanning process won't help with it (unless you resize it). Since letter size is 8 in × 10.5 in, your image should at least has 2400px*3150px (300DPI) before printing to make it look good.