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Nidome no fuyu (Second Winter)


How do you do? Hello, my name’s KATAGIRI Hinata.
This year is the third time that the ‘Eshi 100’ exhibition has been held and I am delighted to have been invited to participate once more.
The theme for this third event is ‘a Japanese scene’ and so I decided to use the typically Japanese custom of visiting the local shrine at the New Year the theme for my illustration.
Recently people tend not to wear kimono even when they go to the shrine at the New Year, but when I heard that people used to wear a kimono with a camellia design in winter and a cherry blossom design in spring, I was most impressed; people wore clothes not just to keep the cold out, but also to express a sense of fun.
The mother and child in this picture are both wearing kimono with camellia motifs in their designs.
I felt that this way of having subtly matching clothes was an expression of the mother’s love. It is the kind of thing can only be enjoyed while a child is small.
I hope that the world will remain a place where parents and children, where families, can continue to enjoy the four seasons.
katagiri_hinata kimono

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