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Eri Natsume

Saida to akarenga (Soda and Red Brick Walls)




‘The two-story Tokyo Station building has been restored to three stories, and the modifications that were added after the war have been removed to return it to its original form.’ When I read this, I remember thinking how typically Japanese it was to use the very latest technology to recreate the old appearance of Tokyo Station.

Treasuring the old while creating the new is another example of this kind of spirit, as can be seen from the appearance of a traditional shrine in the midst of a modern, urban landscape. The present mixed with the past. A confusion of different things, like a toy box or a cupboard where everything has been crammed in! That is my image of a typical Japanese scene.

Although we are usually not aware of it, things from various different periods all assert their presence while harmonizing with each other.
I hope that I have been able to create an image of generosity and bustle within a busy, yet relaxed, atmosphere.
natsume_eri seifuku

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