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Amado (Opening the Shutters)



A sunny morning after a night of strong winds and rain; beams of sunlight shining in onto the dark verandah through the gaps between the shutters. This dazzling brightness serves to heighten the expectations for the day. The shutters possess a unique, damp, heavy smell. Verandah shutters have to be grasped below waist height and then pulled sideways very hard before being pushed into the shutter case, flooding the house with morning sunshine.

Each shutter is 90 centimeters wide and the moment it is opened, the whole body is struck by the sunlight. I experienced this once when I was staying with relatives in the country. Perhaps because it was the summer holidays, but I remember the strong feelings of anticipation and excitement I experienced at the thought of the new day.
I drew this picture from the opposite side of the shutters, where anticipation and excitement are irrelevant. It looks as though this girl is going to spend the whole day relaxing.
kimono neko okazaki_takeshi

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