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Denshinbashira to mizuqi no onna-no-ko (Utility Pole and Bikini Girl)



Japanese utility poles do not have a very good reputation among foreign visitors to Japan, but げ you look at them closely, they are really quite striking. I think that they represent a form of Japanese aesthetic...anyway, I believe they make up a part of Japanese scenery. Pictorially, I thought of using the pattern of a silhouette against the setting sun, but decided that it would make the illustration too dark; a blue sky means thunderheads, thunderheads mean summer and summer means bikinis! That is the reasoning behind this illustration.

When we think of the Japanese landscape, we usually imagine beautiful things, but I think that this kind of subject is also good now and again...
bikini cleavage ohno_tetsuya school_swimsuit swimsuits thighhighs undressing wet

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