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Miyuki Matsuzaki





The Festival of the Dead during the summer holidays.
The whole family used to gather together at our grandmother’s house, the children played behind the grown-ups, going down to the river, setting off fireworks, eating watermelon... It was an event that allowed us to enjoy summer to the full. I became filled with nostalgic memories of the past as I drew this illustration.

It is said that Japan has developed into an aged society and that the average lifespan of the population is one of the highest in the world, but this does not simply mean that the elderly make up a large percentage of the population, I believe that it is also characterized by the fact that they have great energy, as represented by the ‘Japanese grandmother’ who lovingly cares for the whole family.

My grandmother is that kind of person and it is she who has made me what I am today.
I want to eat some of the fruit punch my grandmother makes some day soon.
dress matsuzaki_miyuki summer_dress

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