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Ito okashi (Very Tasteful)



I have drawn a picture of a girl based on the image of Japanese cakes and rice cakes with strawberries inside.
Japanese cakes are made using traditional ingredients, such as starch syrup and adzuki beans, etc.
They possess a refined sweetness and are created in shapes that symbolize the different seasons, making them look really cute. They are traditional while always incorporating something new, making them typically Japanese, and I feel that they have a very feminine appearance. This is how the picture turned out.

The cakes depicted in the picture start with spring at the top then move through summer, fall and winter before returning to spring again at the bottom.
I also added some contemporary elements to the traditional motif, placing the cakes in a pattern of dots, giving the girl pink hair, while also giving the kimono an amusing pattern, creating a play on the Japanese word ‘okashi’ which means both ‘cake’ and ‘strange’.
kimono matsuda98

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