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Fragrant Lolours
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‘A Japanese scene’. What was I to draw? Never having set foot outside the country, ‘Japan’ was too natural an environment. Dredging up my limited knowledge, dusting off hoary memories, referring to professors Google and Wikipedia, I was at my wit’s end when I looked around my desk and realized that there was nothing in my daily life that was uniquely Japanese, that made me exclaim: ‘that’s it! That’s Japan!’ I never wear a kimono and I eat bread with half my meals, but gazing at the browser on my computer, all I could see was writing, writing, writing. Of course, as the name suggest, the Chinese characters came from China, but these were adapted in Japan to create a phonetic script— hiragana. Adopting and adapting things from abroad is a characteristic of the Japanese. Even the great manga artist, TEZUKA Osamu, was strongly influenced by the work of Walt Disney when he created the framework for the manga genre that exists to this day. Something that was initially marginal but later spread into general use shares a lot in common with manga. The relationship between Chinese characters and hiragana can be said to resemble that between the pictures and dialogue in manga. Past and present—smartphone. As my idea grew, I realized that something that was invented 1, 000 years ago was still being used by young girls today, and was therefore ‘a Japanese scene’. What do you think?
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