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Akane Ikegami

Kosha no kitsune miko (The Fox Maidens of the Vermillion Shrine)


My name is Akane Ikegami, and I am grateful to have been chosen again this year to take part in this event.
The theme this time is the ‘Four Seasons of Japan’ plus bishojo (beautiful young girls) and I found it extremely difficult to choose a subject.
Each of the four seasons, spring, summer, autumn, winter, have their own appearances and expressions, but the question was how to combine them with bishojo. In the end, I used my own style to produce this illustration, ‘The Fox Maidens of the Vermillion Shrine’.
The ‘Vermillion Shrine’ is a concept merging autumn, the red leaves with the red of the torii gateway or shrine buildings and sublimating them into the ‘vermillion shrine’.
It is the combination of the contrast between the red and yellow leaves and the fox shrine maidens that make up the main elements of this illustration.