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Yuwaku no aki? (Autumn's Allure?)


Thank you for inviting me to participate again, my name is ko-cha.
This time the theme is The Four Seasons’. I remember watching a program on the television which showed foreigners' reactions to pictures of Japan in different seasons and the thing that surprised them most was the red leaves of autumn.
For this reason I felt that if I were to depict the season most typical of Japan, it would be autumn.
Personally I believe that high-school girls in their school uniforms are also very Japanese, what do you think?
Actually, the girls are the main subject of the picture, I seldom have the opportunity to draw a girl with long black hair and glasses for various reasons, so I am happy to have this opportunity.
It is a difficult subject and if I am not careful, it may appear that the girl on the right is carrying roasted bamboo shoots. What do you think? I am a bit worried about it, but I hope it will be alright.
(By the way, they are supposed to be roasted sweet potatoes.)
I would like to eat some now.
ko~cha megane seifuku

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