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Youichi Ariko

Kikka shoka (Chrysanthemum Song)

単に和風なだけでなく、『日本らしさ』が出るような構図を意識しました。 自分の好きなモノ=美少女に眼帯•赤眼•白制服_日本刀など…=オタク 的な記号を踏んでうまく形に出来たときがなによリ楽しいです。

When composing this work, I was careful not to just use a Japanese style, but to create a ‘Japaneseness’.
It is always most satisfying when I am successful in creating a work comprising of the elements I like best—a bishojo (young woman) wearing an eye bandage, red eyes, white uniform, samurai sword, etc.—that is to say all the symptoms of an otaku.
ariko_yohichi bandages sword thighhighs uniform

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