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Akane Ikegami

Shojo X tsubaki (Young Girl x Camellia)


How do you do, my name is IKEGAMI Akane. I am most honored to be invited to participate in an event of this kind. Thank you very much. Having been given the theme of ‘Japan’ and bishojo (young girls), I spent some time wondering what to draw and this illustration is what I finally arrived at.
I decided to express a world that used a lot of red... or showy pink In order to add more depth to the image, I decided to add camellia flowers. To stress the ‘Japaneseness’ of the main characters I depicted them with black hair and wearing kimono. I hope that I have succeeded in expressing the contrast between the black and red well.
Camellias, kimono and young girls, by fusing these elements into a single theme, I have created a personal image of Japan and bishojo that I have called ‘Shojo x tsubaki’.
ikegami_akane kimono

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